Why do we say
care when
everyone else

A: simple.

Maintenance suggests only meeting expectations. milliCare exceeds expectations by going beyond cleaning and maintaining to truly caring for your people, your places, and your planet.

We can care for your carpet and textiles from the moment they’re installed through to the time you part with them and you can be assured they will last longer and look good through their life cycle. The sooner you begin caring for your investments the longer they’ll last. It’s that simple. We know what a difference cared for work surroundings make after all, we work in offices too. That’s why we take the meaning of clean beyond just maintaining your carpet and textiles.

For milliCare, ‘clean’ means clean breathing, clean working, clean living and just feeling clean.

We know you don’t just work in your workspace,
you live there too.
It may not be your home, but you sure do a lot of living there.

Care is about responsibility.

Fitting your budget = Responsibility to your company

Improved indoor air quality = Responsibility for the health of your employees and guests

Cleaner, fresher spaces = Responsibility for your employees’ morale

Water and energy savings = Responsibility for the health of the planet

Act responsibly without sacrificing your time (late nights) or budget (as if there’s any to spare!).

We help our customers make responsible choices.

Whether it’s a senior living administrator who needs spotless carpet, an office-building manager who wants to breathe new life into old textiles, a hotel facilities manager who needs impeccably clean rooms, or a university that wants better air quality for students and professors.

milliCare can make anyone into a money-saving, time-rich, planet-healing hero.


How is it that milliCare

cares for my carpet

so well?

While we have many tools at our disposal, our proprietary dry system is the best way to keep your carpet clean, and protect your investment. And since our process is dry-centered, you can get back to work in minutes, not hours.

Here’s how we clean:

  1. Your carpet is prepared with the appropriate pre-mist spray.
  2. milliCare’s proprietary dry polymer is applied to your carpet.
  3. Dry polymer is worked into your carpet.
  4. Polymer and soil are retrieved.

All of our equipment is easily transportable, so you won’t need to worry about propped doors and strung hoses

Q: Why dry?

milliCare’s dry polymer system leaves your
fibers clean and strong. Other systems leave
water and soap residue behind, cause rapid
re-soiling, and leave your carpet susceptible to
mold and bacteria growth. After all, the water
left over from a cleaning is filled with what
made your carpet dirty in the first place.

We can clean
Whatever carpet or textiles
you have.


NewCarpetNew Nylon 6.6 fibers
before any cleaning
ALL THE responsible WAYS WE extend the life of your carpet and textiles:

milliCare’s dry-centered system uses a variety of proven methods to keep your whole space looking great.

1. Carpet Care • milliCare’s proprietary dry carpet cleaning system is the most efficient way to remove dirt, extend the life of your carpet, and improve the air around you.

2. Textile Care • You know how important it is to clean your carpet regularly, but did you know that milliCare’s textile cleaning system will make your upholstered seating and panel fabrics look and feel better longer?

3. Spot Care Removal • milliCare’s proprietary process thoroughly removes almost any stain in your carpet or textiles and makes sure that it doesn’t reappear.

4. Fiber Protection • milliCare’s Fiber Protector combines two advanced surface guards to protect against soil and water-based spots while keeping stains from bonding to your carpet and textile fibers.

5. Air Care (Odor Neutralizer) • Not just a typical odor mask, milliCare’s Odor Neutralizer seeks out odors, wherever they’re hiding, and destroys them on a molecular level.

6. Entry Protection • Up to 80% of the dust, dirt, and grime in your building is tracked in from the outside. milliCare’s Walkoff™ entry mat system is specially designed to trap and hold dirt before it reaches your carpet.

HotwaterWet Extraction cleaning
builds a detergent residue

Spin Bonnet cleaning
builds a detergent residue

 EggmilliCare’s Process leaves
fibers smooth and clean


If my furniture
is that dirty
I just
replace it?

A: no.

If you clean it first, you get new furniture without paying for it! By having your textiles cleaned, not only will they look better, but they’ll last a lot longer too.

That’s being responsible. And at just rands a chair, you can really sit easy.

Do your chairs seem dingy and worn? Often times, seating, panel fabrics, and other textiles you thought were beyond saving just need a good dose of milliCare.

Properly caring for your textiles lets you give your employees and clients a clean working environment. Textiles – upholstery, panel fabric in office cubicles, and draperies – touch people’s skin every day. By keeping them milliCare clean, you’re maintaining a fresher working environment all the way around.

Here’s how we care for textiles:

1. An atomized mixture of air and solution is injected into your fabric. The mixture creates tiny droplets that act as scrubbers to clean the individual fibers.

2. Remove the solution, which removes any dirt, allergens, and stains,resulting in cleaner textiles and quicker dry times.


Our specialized equipment is used to clean your textiles deep below the surface.


The solution is extracted as it cleans, maximizing productivity.


Can milliCare
clean my space
on my terms?

A: absolutely.

We can clean carpet and textiles in any kind of space,
whenever you need us.

You can rest assured that not only will we provide care beyond compare for your carpet and textiles, we will also make ourselves available when you need us – whatever the situation.We’ve seen it all, from paint spills to iguana droppings. Moreover, because we  anticipate how spaces will change in coming years, you can count on milliCare to be a trusted long-term partner.

When you partner with milliCare, you know you’ll get exceptional care wherever you start or end your day – with milliCare’s suite of environmentally friendly products and backed by Milliken & Company world-renowned R&D.


What’s better?
A local business whose
employees know your
name, or an international
company with cutting
edge products backed by
state-of-the-art R&D?

A: both.

We call it our Network of Knowledge.

Your local milliCare providers will never just show up with a bunch of machines and start cleaning your space on autopilot.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We appreciate your organization’s unique needs and eccentricities.

Our franchise partners are trained consultants

who invest their time learning about your business and work culture, building a comprehensive understanding of how you live in and use your workspace

Your Total Care package includes

technicians’ targeting those areas of your space that need the most attention, so you can rest assured that your entire space will always look and feel cared for.

All of this together with milliCare’s state-of-the-art R&D, environmentally friendly product line, and superior cleaning methods is what we call Total Care.

Last-minute calls are welcome

because we know that your unique needs include dealing with the unexpected.

Office by office, floor by floor, and workspace by workspace, we build relationships from the ground up – literally


How does
milliCare offer
superior care,

A: together.

Anywhere through the milliCare Network. With our franchise partners, we offer Total Care from space to space, city to city, and region to region.

milliCare provides the MilliCare Network, ensuring industry-leading research and development, superior cleaning products and methodology, care for the environment, and the highest standards in consultative training for our franchise partners.

Our franchise partners deliver you tailor-made service plans, account management, project management, and customer care.

milliCare offers a state-of-the-art system for cleaning any facility, delivered by our well-trained, reliable franchise partners who provide exceptional consultation and project management no matter where you move or how much you grow.

We consult with you to create customized care plan for cleaning your entire space. Best of all, they are able to manage your account anywhere – locally, regionally, or nationally – saving you time.


Make your carpet or textiles purchase last for a long, long time. With milliCare, caring for carpet and textiles is just the beginning.