Is it possible to care

for my carpets and

textiles and

care for the planet?

A: Of course it is!

milliCare uses fewer
resources and safer
products to keep carpet
and textiles looking and
feeling their best for longer.

Everyone talks green.
We teach it.
We innovate it.
We expand it.

milliCare is constantly finding ways to make spaces cleaner while making the world a better, healthier place to live.

milliCare’s research and development department is continuously improving our tools and methodology, the results of which can be seen in our exhaustive list of awards and certifications. By using 99.5% less water and far less energy, milliCare turns caring for your carpet and textiles as well as caring for your
planet into one easy decision.

Think of it as your facility and planet care plan.

A clean work environment sends a clear message to your employees and customers.

It says you care about their health, their comfort and the company itself. It also reflects good business sense, since maintaining clean carpets and textiles will save you money in the long run.

You’ll extend the life of your carpet, minimize employee sick days through improved Indoor Air Quality, and increase productivity by leaving a cleaner, livelier

You work healthier
and live healthier,
and the planet is a healthier
place as a result.


When you consider your company’s environmental impact, carpet and textile cleaning may not be your first thought.

Here are a few facts that may make you reconsider:

After all, milliCare was designed with both you and your environment in mind.


MilliCare Awards and Certifications