We offer Total Care for your space and, in turn, for your well-being.

It starts with caring for your carpet and textiles, which shows how much you care about your employees and their productivity as well as your visitors and their comfort. We care for the environment with products and a method that improves Indoor Air Quality and reduce water consumption and your carbon footprint. We care about you professionally by saving you time through customized service plans for your entire space.
You work healthier and live healthier, and the planet is a better place because of it. We can bring that same quality of care and service to you wherever you are.
We dramatically reduce costs by extending your carpet life by up to three times and ensure you don’t end up spending unnecessary money on improper maintenance which is very costly. Cleaning frequencies balloon with improper maintenance, the carpet is damaged and restoration is an additional expense.

clean working

To our competitors,clean’ means your carpet and textiles don’t look dirty. At MilliCare, clean is our way of life. We pride ourselves on cleaning carpet and textiles with an attention to detail and a proprietary methodology that leaves
them cleaner for longer.

MilliCare Clean means you’re refreshed.
You feel Alive, which is exactly the way we think everyone should live.

clean living

MilliCare lets you work clean, breathe clean and live clean by caring for your space, your employees and your planet with exceptionally effective, environmentally-sound products and carpet cleaning methods. We help your carpet and textiles deliver on their performance promise. Because our care applies to everything we do for you, we’re the responsible choice on every level.