milliCare dramatically reduces Volatile Organic Compounds in your facility ensuring clean indoor air. We use a safe carpet cleaning method that has been shown through independent laboratory testing to actually improve indoor air quality.

The process inhibits the growth of mildew, fungi, and bacteria by removing their food source. The milliCare System also effectively removes odours, dust mite allergens and pollen, and as a dry process reduces risks associated with walking on wet hard surfaces.

professional carpet cleaning maintenance program



A trained milliCare representative will analyse your space for you and create a floor plan that designates when and how often each area of your office should be cleaned, from your carpet to your textiles. Your maintenance plan will be based on a variety of factors including high, medium and low traffic areas as well as the type of textiles, problem odors and entrance areas.

Maintenance frequencies are flexible and can be changed to suite changing traffic intensities, soil types, your budget and appearance requirements.


Saves MoneyA milliCare carpet cleaning maintenance program is the best return on investment because improper maintenance is costly and milliCare extends the life of your carpet by up to three times.

graph of cleaning vs maintenance

Saves Time – With the milliCare® Dry Carpet Cleaner™ there’s no down time. No waiting for carpets to dry. In fact you can safely walk on your carpet while the milliCare Dry Carpet Cleaner is working.

Efficient – Some areas will need cleaning more often than others.  Receptions, Lift Lobbies and high traffic areas can be partially blend cleaned without cleaning the entire carpeted area.  Areas such as conference rooms and offices can generally be cleaned with lower frequency. The milliCare System removes soil, yet leaves no harmful chemical or detergent residue to accelerate re-soiling.

Anything in your space that has fabric should be cleaned regularly. Including:

  • Reception furniture
  • Panel fabrics
  • Draperies
  • Theatre or lecture hall furniture
  • Lounge seating
  • Conference furniture
  • Wall Coverings
  • Room dividers
  • Guest seating


The innovative dry polymer process meets CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) criteria as an effective deep-extraction method of carpet cleaning if you need a once off deep clean. We recommend a carpet cleaning maintenance program following the deep clean as a cost-effective way forward.

If you’ve had the same carpet for a while, a restorative clean and fiber protection from milliCare will preserve your carpet for years to come.


Carpets and textiles can be spot cleaned in high traffic or problem areas. The dry  polymer process and use of blend cleaning will leave the specific problem clean and ready to use without cleaning an entire area.


We take care of Flooding and emergency spotting including drying services. If you have an emergency situation, don’t worry, your textiles will be ready for use shortly after we leave.